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Successful Financing Examples

Examples of Financing arranged:

  • $5.1MM hard money land loan.
  • $1.4MM hard money real estate loan for a manufacturing facility.
  • $1.5MM hard money equipment loan for a company in bankruptcy.
  • $38.5MM financing of niche specialty finance company
  • $20MM line of credit to specialty finance company.
  • $10MM line of credit for a commercial specialty finance company.
  • $15M line of credit to subprime consumer finance company.
  • $12MM line credit to a working capital provider
  • $3MM line of credit for title pawn lender.
  • $1MM line of credit for a small factor.
  • $5.5MM in receivables and inventory financing for a logistics company.
  • $6MM in equity to recapitalize a niche flooring company.
  • $3MM line of credit for the financing of inventory for a national specialty retailer.
  • $500K financing for a security staffing company.
  • $500K for an furniture importer,
  • $500,000 in financing for restaurant franchisee.
  • $5MM senior debt facility for re-financing of building products distribution business.
  • $8MM financing for consolidation of multiple communication companies.
  • $12MM in senior debt and equity for the purchase of a distribution company with annual sales in excess of $42MM
  • $7.5MM senior debt facility for the acquisition of an entertainment company.
  • A factoring facility for a $32MM food distributor
  • $5.5MM bridge financing.
  • $4MM in acquisition funding for management team to acquire a retail jewelry company.
  • $10MM refinancing of an importer/distributor
  • $7MM financing of a printing company

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