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Capital Sources & Ideas

Alder Consulting operates in the following segments

Commercial Real Estate (“CRE”) Funds

Providing bridge loan financing to borrowers, and representing borrowers who seek to acquire their loans from lenders at a discount.

These loans are secured by the following underlying commercial real estate (“CRE”) assets:

  • Industrial properties, distribution centers. hotels, marinas, golf courses, data centers, office buildings, shopping centers, multifamily properties (apartments), convenience stores, medical office buildings and other income producing CRE assets.
  • Land selectively financed, low advance rates.
  • Commercial real estate construction loans, advances up to 75%.


Financing Parameters:

  • Funds advance up to 75% loan to value.
  • Funds provide both First and Second mortgage financing.
  • Term of loan 1-2.5 years
  • Interest only, no principal amortization.
  • Non-bank interest rates.
  • Geography entire USA and Canada.

Funds employed at least $1MM per transaction, In Canada at least $5MM per transaction.

Specialty Finance Companies

For companies that lend to businesses and consumers who do not qualify for bank financing

Our funding sources are primarily debt but we have access to niche mezzanine lenders and equity investors who fund specialty finance companies.

  • Financing for discount and traditional factors both in the USA and Canada.
  • Financing for working capital lenders and merchant cash advance companies i.e. companies that lend against future receipts.
  • Financing for installment lenders.
  • Financing for title pawn lenders and pawn shop chains.
  • Financing Buy Here Pay Here car dealers-they finance subprime consumers who purchase cars.
  • Financing of hard money CRE lenders.
  • Financing of lenders that lend against real estate tax liens.
  • Financing of companies that purchase medical and insurance related receivables..

Business Financing

Financing of retailers, restaurants, online businesses and any other companies that have limited assets.

Annual revenues in excess of $4 Million

Tough Term Loan Financing

For un-bankable borrowers of operating businesses

  • TERM Loans for operating companies such as manufacturers and distributors secured by equipment and real estate, typically non-bankable companies.
  • Borrowers in bankruptcy or in a turnaround mode.

Minimum amount financed 1 million